Stark USA 65026 Air Compressor Pump Gold 3hp 2 Piston V Style Twin Cyl

Stark USA 65026 Air Compressor Pump Gold 3hp 2 Piston V Style Twin Cylinder

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The replacement 120 PSI air compressor pump fits compressors from most manufacturers. The splash lubrication keeps the air compressor pump cool while a heavy duty cast iron steel construction withstands rigorous use on the job. Oil sight glass for easy maintenance.


  • Dependable Single-stage, splash-lubricated cast iron pump runs at slower RPM to prevent overheating, last longer, create less wear and tear, and save electricity
  • Observing the oil viewing window, it can monitor the oil capacity inside the machine in real time, and control the amount of oil when you adding the air compressor oil
  • Max air delivery of 11.2 CFM, two mufflers with two high efficiency intake filters and V-style cylinder design for superior cooling, reduces moisture and extends the life of the air compressor pump.
  • Equipped with an iron construction with cast cylinder sleeves, this pump head is designed for a long time use and is easy for maintenance.
  • The proven belt driven design is great for excellent compression & smooth running
  • With the high exhaust efficiency, low noise, smooth operation and less fuel consumption, it's the best choice for you


  • Pump Type: Single-Stage
  • Horsepower: 3
  • Max PSI: 120
  • Max Air Delivery: 120 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Speed: 1080rpm
  • Flywheel: 10-3/4'' with dual V-groove
  • Oil Sight Glass: Yes
  • Pump Drive: Belt Drive
  • Oil Type: Oil Lubricated
  • Required Oil: Air Compressor Lubricating Oil

Package Content:

  • Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Pump