Stark USA All-Weather Tarp Tents Tarpaulin Cars Boats Swimming Pool 12

Stark USA All-Weather Tarp Tents Tarpaulin Cars Boats Swimming Pool 12' x 16' ft

SKU: 99208

As one of the most versatile pieces of camping equipment, tarps have to be tough. The all purpose tarp to withstand harsh conditions and frequent use. This tarp is perfect for use around the house or out on the campsite. At home, protect your firewood from rain or fashion a slip n' slide for the kids on a hot summer day. On your next camping trip, this durable tarp is essential. Use it to line the bottom of your tent, cover your equipment, or create a makeshift shelter.


  • Rain or shine, snow or wind, this heavy-duty tarp can handle it all! The heavy-duty tarps with rope-reinforced edges are waterproof and weather proof, rust, rot & tear resistant. These waterproof tarps can withstand storms and other outdoor elements
  • The heavy-duty tarp can be used as protection for boats, cars, or motor vehicles, providing shelter from the elements, ie., rain, wind or sunlight for campers, as an emergency roof patch material for homeowners, as a temporary pickup truck bed cover, and for a ground or drop sheet
  • Polyethylene material waterproof tarps are designed to offer the best protection and a long-lasting cover. It has a mil thickness. These waterproof tarps absolutely have the strength & durability you need
  • Heavy duty grommets which perfectly avoid rusting spaced every 3 to 4 feet & at each corner allow the poly tarp to be tied down and secured simply


  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Size: 12' x 16' feet
  • Feature: 100% UV protection, Water Proof, Rot Proof & Mildew Resistant
  • Built-In Grommet: Yes
  • Thickness: 5 Mil

Package Content:

  • Tarp

**All sizes listed are cut size not finished size, please allow for adequate room on ends for finished edge overall size finished will be smaller then listed**