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XtremepowerUS 4'x20' Above In-Ground Solar Panel Heater System for Swimming

SKU: 75070

XtremepowerUS 4' x 20'ft Inground & Aboveground Solar Pool Sun Heater Panel water simply flows through the many tubes via your existing pool pump where it is heated through the solar collectors before it returns to the pool, then the system circulates the warm water whenever your pump is running. The system can be installed on the roof of your house, shed or cabana, mounted to a rack or simply placed on the ground.


  • The XtremepowerUS Solar Pool Heating System allows you to capture free heat from the sun’s rays to effectively raise your pool water temperature. It’s an efficient and cost-effective method to heat your pool
  • Made from precompounded polypropylene, a process which increases the materials resistance to UV light (lengthens service life substantially)
  • The tube-web-tube design allows the sun heat to capture the most sun possible, maximizing square footage. It offers rigid flexibility, allowing panels to expand and contract with changing temps, giving it the strength needed to last
  • The pool pump pushes the water through the panel’s many tubes where it’s warmed by the sun and then returned into the pool. This system can raise the water temperature 6-10 degrees F and extend your pool season by weeks


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Precompounded polypropylene
  • Size: 4' x 20'ft
  • Roof Mount Included: No
  • Max Flow (GPM): 40
  • Max Working Pressure (PSI): 50 

Package Contains:

  • 4' x 20' ft Solar Panels
  • 2 x Hose adapters (1-1/2")
  • 2 x "O" Rings
  • 2 x End Caps
  • Roll of Teflon tape
  • Installation manual

*Note Panels MUST be installed vertically for optimal performance and drainage.