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XtremepowerUS 5 Way Swimming Pool Spa Water Chemical Test Kit CHLORINE BROMINE

SKU: 71101

To maintain proper water chemistry, testing for 5 basic chemicals is a must. This 5-Way Test Kit tests for chlorine, bromine, pH, acid demand, and total alkalinity. The kit includes a clear-view block with color-matching readouts, indicator solutions 1-5, and complete instructions to guide you through all your testing procedures.


  • DIY Tester - Basic 5-Way Water Test Kit is an affordable, yet accurate, product to easily maintain proper chemical levels in your pool. The clear-view test block with matching color chips makes it easy for DIY water testing week after week
  • Accurate Color Scales - For accurate test results, the readout scales are made from UV protected color chips integrated within the polystyrene test block - NOT PRINTED on the block
  • Chlorine / Bromine - Chlorine and Bromine are sanitizers that help keep the pool and spa water free from germs and algae buildup. Testing for these will indicate the "active" amount of these sanitizers in the water
  • Acid Demand- Testing for Acid Demand is a helpful guide in keeping the pH balance in check
  • Alkalinity / pH - Alkalinity and pH measure the amount of acidity in the water. Maintaining a proper balance of Alkalinity and pH will help keep the water from developing scale or cause corrosion and help the sanitizer work more efficiently
  • Drop-Testing is Easy - Instructions included with step-by-step testing information plus added tips. A quick-reference guide is also included
  • Polyethylene Case - Keep test kit components organized between testing and store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight


  • Type: Pool Test Kit
  • Test: Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid Demand, and Total Alkalinity
  • Color Chart Included: Yes
  • Case Included: Yes

Package Contents:

  • 5-way Pool Tester
  • Color Chart
  • Case
  • Instruction