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XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner Inground Pool Wall Climb 39ft Hose

SKU: 75051

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it with the help of the XtremepowerUS Suction Side Pool Cleaner. The compact, 2-wheel design provides outstanding maneuverability in tight spaces where debris often hides and where other cleaners typically miss. The dual-action roller skirt and sure-flow turbine design allow for continuous cleaning and can move over any obstacle


  • Super Silent & Powerful Cleaning - Cooperate with a Pool Filtration System, you just need to connect the pool cleaner to the pool pumps, and then it will clean your in-ground swimming pool automatically and thoroughly. With powerful suction, this pool cleaner can devour many kinds of debris, bugs, and algae quickly and quietly
  • Complete Pool Coverage - 2-Wheel Pool Cleaner Suction has multiple internal steering sequences, which cause the wheel to periodically move, allowing The cleaner to turn and then move in another direction. This feature ensures full pool coverage and efficient cleaning
  • Roller Skirt - A flexible roller skirt ensures maximum power at any flow. The ability to move will allow easy passage of large debris to ensure full cleaning with peace of mind for the user
  • Heavy Duty Tire Tread - Provide enhanced climbing ability & obstacle maneuverability, especially with main drains. The pool cleaner suction is ideal for all pool surfaces and shapes
  • Easy to Assemble - Without any tool, you can assemble this automatic pool cleaner together easily


  • Cleaner Type: Automictic Suction Cleaner
  • Pool Coverage: Pool Floor, Walls
  • Movement System: 2 Wheel
  • Hose Length: 39' ft
  • Hose Included: Yes
  • Pool Pump Required: Yes

Package Contents:

  • Automictic Suction Cleaner
  • Hoses Sets
  • Regulator Valve Set
  • Manual