Stark USA 21110 110V Diesel Biodiesel Kerosene Transfer Fuel Pump Mete

Stark USA 21110 110V Diesel Biodiesel Kerosene Transfer Fuel Pump Meter Automatic

SKU: 21110

Professional Electric Oil Pump makes transferring fuels easy. Whether you need to fuel your vehicle, generator, farm equipment, or other fuel-powered equipment, this pump has you covered. It can handle diesel oil, kerosene, not for gasoline. Electric Oil Pump is a must-have device for any person or company that requires regular transferring of fuel.


  • Designed for transferring diesel oil or kerosene for vehicle, oil warehouse, construction site, farm & outdoor work
  • It is constructed from heavy-duty iron, making it durable and long-lasting
  • Self priming rotary pump with sensitive switch for precise control, electric power supply makes it very fast and convenient
  • With a maximum flow of sixteen gallons per minute, pumping fuel is not only easy, but speedy as well
  • Built-in fuel Meter with large digits display, provides accurate data and allows for easily data reading
  • You can also keep track of how much fuel you pump per job and over the electric oil pump's lifetime of usage using its built-in fueling meter
  • Professional performance with a maximum flow rate of 60 liter per minute (16 gallons per minute), works efficiently
  • Includes inlet and manual nozzle hose, you can freely control the oil capacity, reliable to use


  • Voltage: 110v 60hz
  • Power: 550W
  • Flow Rate: 60 liters per minute (16 gallons per minute )
  • Max Working Pressure: 50psi/3 Bar
  • Clear Suction Hose Length: 2m / 5ft
  • Black Outlet Hose Length: 4m / 13ft
  • Measuring Unit: Liter
  • Digital Subtotal: 4 digital
  • Digital In Total: 8 digital

Package Content:

  • Electric Oil Pump
  • Manual Filling Nozzle
  • Rubber Outlet Hose
  • Clear Suction Hose
  • Manual Filling Nozzle
  • Manual

This electric oil pump can not be used for gasoline