Stark USA 21523 24/12V Car or Truck Wheeled Automotive Battery Fast Ch

Stark USA 21523 24/12V Car or Truck Wheeled Automotive Battery Fast Charger Jump

SKU: 21523

This single-phase, battery charger and starter on wheels is ideal for charging lead-acid batteries with 12/24V voltage and starting all kinds of cars, vans, light trucks, tractors and trucks. Equipped with a selector for normal charge, quick charge (boost), quick start, timer for quick charge and LCD display


  • Utilizing a powerful amp engine start function, you can use this powerful charger to jump start most passenger vehicles or small truck!!
  • The charger utilizes a powerful built-in microprocessor that guarantees safe & efficient operation while charging your batteries quickly & maintaining them indefinitely
  • Charge Your Battery without Worry, the battery charger & engine starter is ready when you are, thanks to precise charging and monitoring technology
  • Easy to use and power to spare. Tough, durable and easy to use. Whether you're a pro or a weekend garage DIY'er, the easy to read screen and multi-functions make this the perfect choice for all of your 12 volt battery charging needs
  • Steel case and heavy-duty clamps are designed for rugged use
  • Integrated Safety features ensure protection for you & your batteries, overcharging, preventing sparks, reverse polarity and more!
  • Its angled control panel allows easy observation during the application and its compact design makes it easy to transport throughout the shop


  • Type: Battery Charger
  • Power: 120v/60Hz
  • Charge voltage(V): 12~24
  • Input power(KVA): 2.0
  • Starter Current: 600A
  • Effective charging current 12-24V(A): 90
  • Average charging current 12~24V(A): 60
  • Effective starting current 12-24V(A): 600
  • Average starting current 12-24V(A): 500
  • CE Listed

Package Content:

  • Battery Charger
  • Manual