Stark USA 90020 25' 14ga Electric Extension Power Cord Cable Indoor Ou

Stark USA 90020 25' 14ga Electric Extension Power Cord Cable Indoor Outdoor

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The 25ft. The outlet Power Cord is designed for heavy-duty applications such as powering tools and equipment. The cord is resistant to moisture, ozone, grease, and chemicals and is light enough for job site transportation


  • Indoor/Outdoor Power Cord - Great for your household, garden, and farm electric appliances, like generators, HDTV, lawn mowers, saws, compressors, Christmas and Spooky Halloween light system
  • Weatherproof Electrical Cord - Stay flexible from -40F To 221F, reducing the risk of tangles, moisture, abrasion, and direct sunlight.
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cord - Big gauge and pure copper can avoid the cable from getting overheated from long-time use. Larger gauge wiring is well-built to give you peace of mind when running higher amp loads. The cord can be used to run any circuit in your breaker panel up to 15A. It is a useful and reliable emergency extension cord for your generator
  • Power Indicator Light - A bright power indicator light on the plug illuminates when the power is on, making it easy to see even in the dark. You can use it with confidence
  • Easy To Find - The extension cord comes in bright yellow, which makes it easily visible. It reduces the chance of tripping over the cord, adding extra safety
  • Lighted End - The end shines bright when power is on and the cord is ready to use


  • Voltage: 125
  • Cord Length: 25ft
  • Amp Rating: 15A Max
  • Gauge: 14
  • Number of Outlets: 1
  • Covering: PVC Material
  • Temperatures Ranging: -40F To 221F
  • Lighted End: Yes
  • Certification:

Package Contents:

  • 25ft Extension Cord