Stark USA 17515 26pc Screwdriver w/Stand Slotted Philips Pozi Star Org

Stark USA 17515 26pc Screwdriver w/Stand Slotted Philips Pozi Star Organizing Set

SKU: 17515

Stark 26-Piece Screwdriver Set with Stand includes 26 of the Most Popular Sizes. The non-slip cushion grip handle with magnetic tips gives you better comfort for a secure hold. The set also comes with removable feet to conveniently hang on set on pegboard


  • Head Magnetic Design - The head magnetic design makes it much convenient during daily use. It can hold screws easily on the high quality magnetic tip
  • Essential Screwdriver Set - Set of 26 professional grade screwdrivers that are designed to serve a multitude of uses
  • Soft Comfortable grip Design - Unique large soft-grip design provides a comfortable and efficient use feeling
  • Durable & Reliable Performance - Premium Chrome-vanadium steel shank for smooth feel & corrosion resistance. Hardened tips via advanced heat treatment process for durability. Tools were tested against industry standards for hardness, torque, finish and will last a long lifetime span
  • Label Marker - Easy to find label markers on the top each screwdriver
  • Organization Stand - Free standing storage/organization rack able to hang on pegboard


  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Material: Chrome-Vanadium Steel
  • Magnetic Tip: Yes
  • Slotted: 1/4" x 1-1/2", 1/8" x 2", 1/8" x 3", 3/16" x 4", 1/4" x 4", 1/4" x 6", 5/16" x 6", 5/16" x 8"
  • Phillips: PH2 x 1-1/2", PH00 x 3", PH0 x 3", PH1 x 4", PH2 x 4", PH2 x 6", PH3 x 6", PH3 x 8"
  • Pozi: PZ0 x 3", PZ1 x 3", PZ2 x 4", PZ3 x 6"
  • Star: T15 x 4", T20 x 4", T25 x 4", T27 x 4", T30 x 4", T40 x 6"
  • Rack Stand Included: Yes

Package Content:

  • 26pc Magnet Screwdriver Set
  • Rack Stand