Stark USA 26212 3 ton 2 Way Frame Back Self Tightening Grips & Auto Bo

Stark USA 26212 3 ton 2 Way Frame Back Self Tightening Grips & Auto Body Repair Pull

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Self tightening clamp, grips tighter as it is pulled. Compact and lightweight for pulling from many places Minimum of 1-3/8" reach-around for flanges, cowls, pinch welds, and lips Butts against panels where only narrow bite available


  • Ideal Pull Clamp - Self-Tightening. The 2-way clamp will grabs minimum 1-3/8" of metal, making it ideal for hard pulls on heavy metal or frame
  • Two-Way Pull Operation - The auto body repair pull clamp is compact, lightweight & exquisitely crafted, allows for two-way (Top & Straight) pull operation, capacity up to 3 tons (Straight Pulling) and 2 tons (top pulling)
  • Labor Saving Pull Clamp - The 2 Way self-tightening pull clamp can achieve a positive grip, and drop forged construction provides more pulling power, making it time and labor saving in the process of body repair for automotive car vehicle
  • Easy and Simple to Use - Self-tightening serrated jaws allow for a positive grip, both sides jaws with reasonable designed, which are different in order to fit the confined room
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Made of premium steel for high strength and durability, ensures long last using, this 3 ton 2 way pull clamp is specially designed for car body repair, especially use in narrow place


  • Color: Gold
  • Material: Chrome Steel
  • Gripping Width: 1-3/8" (35mm)
  • Straight Pulling Capacity: 3 Tons
  • Top Pulling Capacity: 2 Tons

Package Content:

  • 1 x Self-Tightening Pull Clamp