Stark USA 26199 35pc Tire Repair Tool Case Plug Patching Tubeless Tire

Stark USA 26199 35pc Tire Repair Tool Case Plug Patching Tubeless Tires Kit

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Universal tire repair tools are a compact and convenient set that has everything you need to repair tubeless tires on your own. Partnering with top manufacturers around the world, the tools in this kit are made of durable and high-quality service for you for a long time.


  • Complete Set for Home Mechanics - Includes all necessary tools such as string plugs and sealing lubricant to perform the entire tire repair process in your own garage. Includes extra string plugs as well for multiple applications
  • Durable Construction Built to Last - Spiral rasp and insert needle tools are made from hardened, sandblasted steel for enhanced durability. These tools resist any dirt and grime with a simple wipe and will last you through multiple tire repair applications.
  • Easy and Quick Repairs - Great for repairing punctures for tubeless tires without removing them from the rim. This will easily save you time and money fixing your own tires straight from home
  • Ergonomic T Handle Grip - T-Handle design allows users to have a firm and secure grip while performing tire repair. This allows you to have perfect leverage while puncturing while reducing any hand fatigue
  • Easy & Organized Storage - Set includes sturdy blow molded case that perfectly holds all your tools and accessories in one organized place. You can easily store it away in your tool cabinet or take it along with you on the go.


  • Type 35pcs Tire Repair Kit
  • Material: Metal
  • Carrying Case Included: Yes

Package Includes:

  • 30 x 4' string plugs for multiple repairs
  • 1 x Rasp Tool
  • 1 x Insert Tool
  • 2 x Hex Keys
  • 1 x Sealing Lubricant
  • Blow Molded case