Stark USA 26012 4 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set R134a R410A R404A R22 w/Ho

Stark USA 26012 4 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set R134a R410A R404A R22 w/Hoses Coupler

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$3039 $6078
pcs/case: 5 pcs
lbs/pc: 8.82 lbs

This complete diagnostic R134A, R410A, R12 and R22 gauge set is great for use on air condition systems and features easy to read gauges that have extra-large faces that display temperature in fahrenheit and give R12 R22, and R134a R410a readings.


  • A/C Diagnostic Tool - Our Professional 4-way air conditioning diagnostic manifold gauge set for R134A, R410A, and R22 refrigerants. Designed for checking pressure in AC lines, leak determination, freon top-offs, recovery work, and complete evacuation & recharges
  • Color-Coded Hose - Include 4-five-foot freon charging hoses in 4 colors for easy recognition; yellow for the refrigerant bottle, red for high pressure, blue for low pressure, and black for the vacuum pump.
  • Silicone Dampened Gauges - The gauges are silicone dampened to provide extra protection against wear and tear from vibrations. The gauges also features clear plugs to allow fine tune when needed over time
  • Advanced Pressure Gauge - Blue Gauge (low): 0-550 PSI, Red Gauge (high): 0-750 PSI. Extra-strength hoses with burst pressure at 4000PSI, Max working pressure: 800PSI. Fahrenheit degree units with an easy-to-read instrument panel
  • Durable Construction - Made from solid brass, aluminum, PVC, and durable plastic to stand up to heavy use and accidental drops - ideal for professional auto mechanics


  • Compatibility: R12, R22, R134A, R410A
  • Burst pressure: 4000PSI
  • Max working pressure: 800PSI
  • Blue Gauge (Low): 0-550 PSI
  • Red Gauge (High): 0-750 PSI
  • Red/Blue: R12, R22, R134A, R410A (1/4" x 60")
  • Yellow: R12, R22, R134A R410A SAE (5/8" x 60")

Package Contents:

  • Manifold Gauge Kit
  • Red High Hose
  • Blue Low Hose
  • Yellow Service Hose
  • Black Service Hose
  • 1/2" Acme Adapter
  • Carrying Tote