Stark USA 18849 Aluminum Pipe Wrench 3pc Adjustable Jaw 14" 18" 24" He

Stark USA 18849 Aluminum Pipe Wrench 3pc Adjustable Jaw 14" 18" 24" Heavy Duty

SKU: 18849

Stark 3-pieces heavy duty aluminum pipe wrench set which are excellent tools for adjusting automotive tie rods, suspension rods and plumbing work. High quality material is solid and hard for long-term durability.


  • Versatile Use - A must-have for your toolbox, straight pipe wrenches are suitable for all types of pipe work. Suitable for all pipe related home improvement repairs that need a tight grip, such as gas tank repair, household plumbing, vehicle maintenance
  • 14" 18" 24" inch - The Wide Range of the Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench is a plumbing wrench that offers professional strength and quality in a convenient, lightweight tool
  • Self-Cleaning Design - The pipe wrenches feature self-cleaning threads on the jaws and non-stick adjustment nuts that clean away grime from the hook jaw shank for reliable tool use
  • Full Floating Forged Hook Jaws - The Stark pipe wrenches feature full floating forged hook jaws for superior gripping and quick adjustments when carrying out pipe work
  • Grooved Teeth - The deep grooved teeth of each straight pipe wrench lock in place to provide a confident grip around smooth, round surfaces like showerheads or bathroom sinks and drains
  • Lighter than Comparable Iron-Models - It delivers the unsurpassed durability and ease-of-use that all heavy-duty wrenches are known for


  • Color: Silver
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Max Length: 14", 18" and 24"
  • Jaw Capacity: 14"-2-1/2", 18"-2-3/4", 24"-3-1/4"
  • Jaw Type: Full-Floating Hook Jaw
  • Non-Stick Adjustment Nut: Yes
  • Number of Wrench: 3

Package Content:

  • 3PCS Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench Set