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Ensue 27" Commercial Food Warmer Display 3-Tier Countertop Pizza Warmer 1200W

SKU: 96007

A commercial counter and warmer display case for food is an essential equipment for any food service establishment. It is the best way to display your products to customers while storing them in healthy conditions. This item is made from thickened steel, as well as heat resisting and thermal insulate glass. It is perfect for self-service restaurants or during presentations at concessions stands, food courts, restaurants, corporate dining areas or any food store


  • Precise control of the temperature inside the cabinet visual thermometer, the temperature inside the cabinet is clear at a glance, auxiliary control of fresh temperature, prevent food from drying
  • High-quality stainless steel storage tank add water that has the function of moisture, do not add water will not affect, safe use
  • Adjust a space at will, the layer that stainless steel adjusts a space is worn hold, can put the height that oneself like at will, the size that can put food at will so need not restrict
  • Stainless steel shelf accurately display the appearance of food in the cabinet and help adjust the temperature inside the cabinet to make food taste better
  • From 30-80(°C) celsius you can choose the best temperature settings for whatever food you would want to display
  • Toughened glass the adoption of four-sided toughened glass has strong moisture permeability, which can display food in all directions and reflect food in multiple dimensions through comprehensive perspective


  • Power: 1200 Watt
  • Voltage: 110v/60Hz
  • Temperature Reading: Celsius
  • Temperature: 30-80(°C) / 86-176(°F)
  • # of Shelves: 3
  • Adjustable Shelves: Yes
  • Max Safe Continuous Working Time: 8 hours
  • Overall Dimension: 27"(W) x 19-1/4"(L) x 25-1/2"(H)

Package Content:

  • Food Warmer Display
  • Rack
  • Manual