Stark USA 14421 Heavy Duty Carbon Crimp Wire Cup Brush 4"� For Angle G

Stark USA 14421 Heavy Duty Carbon Crimp Wire Cup Brush 4"� For Angle Grinder

SKU: 14421

Our 4" wire knotted cup brushes are a necessity for your metalworking needs. The removal and cleaning power of these will be an asset to your next project. These brushes will help with the removal of the following surfaces


  • Wide Application - Roughening, deburring, edge honing, structuring, descaling, paint stripping, weld seams, dedusting, grinding, finishing, polishing and bigger surface treatment of metals, cast steel, non-ferrous metals, steel and alloys, soft wood and hand wood materials, stainless steel
  • Featured Design - The thick knotted cup brush is with a 4" CUP design which is ideal for heavy-duty, aggressive surface conditioning on expansive surface area and also provide more flexibility and avoid scratches on metal surface
  • Safety and Reliability - 4" wheel brush is made of strengthen steel & large hexagonal threaded arbor to prevent the wire breaking & falling during the process of the heavy work. The ideal design of the wire, diameter, density, length will also provide a superior work life and safety
  • Rough Treatment For The Surface - It can be used for surface adhesion treatment before painting, spray coating and electroplating. It can also be used for surface paint peeling and grinding
  • Specification - Abrasive Wire cup brush operates at speeds up to 12,500 RPM and is suitable for angle grinders with 5 / 8'' -11 threaded arbor for easy removal of severe damage, paint loss, corrosion and scale


  • Wire Material: Carbon Wire
  • Wire Diameter: 0.020"
  • Diameter: 4"
  • Arbor: 5/8"-11
  • Load Speed: 12,5000
  • Qty: 1

Package Content:

  • 4" Wire Cup Brush