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Replacement Set for Solar Pool Ionizer 90134 (Anode & Screen Replacement Kit)

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Pool Ionizer Replacement Kit. A solar pool ionizer is a device that uses the solar panel to remove mineral ions from the water. It can be used in swimming pool with a capacity above 35,000 gallons. The solar panel turns the sunlight into low-voltage electricity. The purifier's anode produces mineral ions to improve the water's composition. The solar water purifier is a portable device that uses the sun's energy to generate electricity and remove harmful minerals from the pool water


  • Reduce the use of Chlorine. Save money on pool chemical and electric costs for combined yearly savings on energy bill.
  • We can only guarantee compatibility with XtremepowerUS Solar Pool Ionizer. Before purchasing, we recommend that you measure your current ionizer parts and compare the dimensions of each item in this ionizer replacement set (90134)
  • Direct replacement for XtremepowerUS (90134) Solar Ionizer Kit
  • Longer copper anode, spring, basket with screw ideals for brand Solar Pool Ionizers above 35,000 Gallons (XtremepowerUS 90134)


  • Type: Replacement Kit
  • Compatible: XtremepowerUS,Lumiere, Toysplash, No More Green Technologies, Blue Works, Pool Ecologix, Tradeitz, DR Global, Blue Sea
  • Anode Size:

Package Content:

  • Coil Spring
  • Copper Core
  • Filter Screen